le sigh …

le sigh ...

Not enough power when cutting this lovely 6mm ruby red acrylic meant I had to try to knock out the unwanted bits. The piece decided to break instead … le sigh.

The pattern (unbroken) is derived from one in my nerrrdy Bourgoin mini-zine.

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File under “because I can”

Some ideas are truly brilliant:
they resonate immediately with
all of humanity. Some ideas
are merely great: in time,
their value becomes clear
to all. Some ideas, however,
are like this one ...

All the Colours We Have (for Paul Carter)

It’s hard to believe that Paul Carter has been gone ten years. I realized that my original ZX Spectrum BASIC memorial to him had got a bit dusty, in that it ran as an outdated Java applet. So I rewrote the code, and put it here: All the Colours We Have (for Paul Carter).

work as if you live in the early days of a better nation